Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Minion Cake

Just wanting to share a cake I made for my niece's birthday. She is such a fan of the minions and Despicable Me that all she wanted was a cake of Tim or Kevin her two favorite characters.

Loving a challenge I jumped right in and volunteered to make this for her, even though I had never made a character cake. I shy away from them as you need to get them spot on as everyone knows that the character looks like. Having said that I decided to give it a go.

I baked 3 layers of 6" cake then in a stainless steel bowl placed some batter in, that would be the top of his head. Good stacked and buttercream coated we were off and running. I will mention that I stuck a skewer right in the middle of the cake being sure to go all the way to the bottom; this would give stability to the cake and make sure that even if it swayed a bit it would not topple over.

Now it was time for the hard or more difficult task. Covering and decorating this cake. I had watched tutorial after tutorial on making a minion cake and felt ready to tackle the task. I rolled, covered, stuck down and glittered everything I was supposed to and after 6 1/2 hours we I had a minion cake I was proud of. See if you do not agree.

I took pictures and keep looking at it. He is just so darned cute. I am hoping my niece is happy with her cake. (I trust she will be). It was truly made out of blood sweat and love.

So here he is my Minion Cake.

Hope you like him . Feel free to leave a comment below

Until tomorrow eat well. Live well

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