Monday, June 21, 2010

Delightful Dessert

I'm not a big dessert eater. Kind of picky about how I use my calories but I do so love IceCream.

Being a diabetic it is one of the not so good things we could eat so I remembered a recipe I got hold of a long time ago that fills the need. Its called Carvel only the name is sinful. Its made with simple ingredients all diabetic freindly. It whips up in 5 minutes and guaranteed to leave you satisfied. here is the recipe and a picture. I garnish mine with a strawberry cuz I didnt have any coffee beans. I thnk youll agree its delish!!!!!!!!!!!!


1 envelope unflavored gelatin
1/2 cup boiling water
1/3 cup dry skim milk powder
1 tsp instant coffe powder
1 capful vanilla
6 crushed ice cubes

Put gelatin in blender add boiling water. Mix well . Add all other ingredients (except ice) and blend well. Gradually add ice. Blend until ice is incorporated. let stand 5 minutes.

Transfer to nice serving glass enjoy

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Its been a heck of a week and I thought I'd get to post some happenings before now but you work with what you got. So what have I been doing. Been busy trying to promote my OWN cooking show votes. so far I have over 13,000 votes not too shabby. The voting closes in two(2) weeks. July 3rd to be exact then we wait and hope for that e-mail phone call that says we are a finalist. It would be FAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
For me it so not so much the stardom as it is this show would help thousands of diabetics all across America. I want to educate and empower each and everyone of my fellow diabetics. No one with disease should feel alone or helpless. I want to show them how to enjoy fabulous tasty meals and not feel cheated in any way. Fat out flavor in. How to enjoy exercise and not make it feel like a chore each day rather something to look forward to. I have great vision for this show and know exactly where I want to take it. For every person I can help I help myself as well.
I am working hard to get to the finish line.
until tomorrow eat well live well

Monday, June 14, 2010

Giving Back

Just returned from a pep rally sponsored by Alure in conjunction with Extreme Makeover Home Edition. They are going to award one lucky family (TBA on June 21) a new home.In east Meadow Long Island NY. Me and all the hundreds of others that attended the pep rally are going to be volunteers in helping bulid this home. Ty Pennington and his crew will lead this wonderful undertaking and I for one am happy to give my time and efforts small or large.
The build should last about two (2) weeks. Can you imagine 2 weeks to build a house? These people will be working 24/7 and there will be plenty to do. I am volunteering of course to cook and serve meals; as well as hammer, carry you name it whatever it take to get the job done. I cannot wait to start. It feels good to give and expect nothing in return. The wonderful sense of accomplishment is all the reward I need.
As we get closer to start date and begin I will keep you updated.
Until tomorrow eat well live well

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Girls Nite Out

Had a wonderful evening last night. It was girls nite out at the home of my dear dear friend Roberta. We were about 10 ladies who have known each other for 35 years some even longer. We laughed cried looked at old photos and ATE. Everything was delicious from appy's to dessert. The standout though in my book was the pulled pork a la Roberta. She claims all it was is pork butt (the cheapest cut) water a chili mix some ketchup and vinegar (no measurements sorry she really can't cook but she can do this pulled pork). Brown your meat on all sides. Combine all ingredients in slowcooker and cook on low for 8 hours. Viola this was a flavorful moist entree served on a soft hamburger roll with some home made cole slaw. Simple but Delish. I am going to try this ASAP. Honestly I love pulled pork but have never tried making it myself.
Ok Im off to make Cookies and Cream Cheesecake Truffles. A treat for my co-workers.
Until tomorrow live well eat well

Friday, June 11, 2010

Start the Weekend

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Friday. Love it. At 5pm I'm free to do whatever for the next two (2) days. This weekend it's time to tend the garden, things are coming along nicely. If we get a bit more heat my tomatoes will really take off. Can't wait.
Update on the Emeril gig. Didn't get a call back afterall. It's ok but it would have been fun to do. So now when the show airs (in sept) I'll wonder how I would have done had I been chosen.
On the positive side I have over 7,000 votes for my chance at my OWN show sponsored by Oprah and Kohl's. There are only two weeks left to the competition ( I submitted a cooking show geared toward the Diabetic). Being a diabetic myself I feel this show needs to air. It will include cooking, healthly recipes, exercise, tips and info that the diabetic so badly needs. I'll have doctors, health practitioneers and fitness experts on board to answer questions and support me in raising awarness in America for this disease. Please go to my audition and vote; as many times as you like as often as you like. . Ok I'm off to work on some new recipe ideas I have been wanting to test.
Until tomorrow eat well ,live well

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Just wanted to give you an update. The Cake Balls were a hit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! at my office. I made the chocolate cream cheese ones on Monday and then proceeded to make Smores cake Balls on tuesday. There were no complaints. I am now commissioned to make them for a graduation party for June 19. My choice of cake and frosting combination. I will need to put my thinking cap on want Ito make a good impression and the possibilities are endless.

I am in the midst of waiting for my call back for the audition on the Emeril Lagasse Cooking show pilot. They said hopefully by Wednesday evening. Well its Wednesday evening 8:45pm to be exact. No email no phone call so I guess we know what that means. Oh well I'll just take my talent elsewhere. Sooooooooooooooo many other avenues to explore.

Tomorrow is another day until then eat well live well.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Cake Balls

These little gems are the latest craze to hit the baking world. Cake Balls. They are so easy to make. The combination of flavors are endless; limited only by your inmagination. Neman Marcus sells them for $75.00 in thier catalog. It uses a box cake mix a can of frosting and for the topping it can be melted chocolate, cinnamon sugar, coco powder... again its up to you. All you do is bake the cake, cool slightly then crumble in a bowl add the can of frosting mix thoroughly. With a mellon baller or a table spoon measure roll into balls. Then coat with your favorite topping. I made this batch tonight in about an hour. Tomorrow they go my office for a taste test. I used devils food cake cream cheese frosting then covered 1/2 in melted chocolate the other 1/2 in cinammon sugar. If you do any kind of baking for a living or just for the fun of it, these are well worth adding to your menu. Enjoy until tomorrow , eat well, live well

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Another hot one in NY today. The expected tornado passed with out so much as a drop of rain. Plenty of wind though. Thank God. Ok made the Most delish chicken on the grill today. Simply butterflied rubbed with some spices and placed on the fire. Oh I did do it under a brick, Everyone enjoyed.
I am working on getting a camera so I can post pictures of my dishes. It will be more fun that way.
Check this link on the latest craze in baking. Cake Balls. so easy to make yet sooooooooooooo good. I understand that you can order them from Neman Marcus for $75.00 If they think them worthy enough to sell for that amount of money it would definately be worth if for all us professionals and semi professionals to add it to our menus.
until tomorrow eat well live well

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Hot Saturday in New York

It was stifiling here in New York and all I wanted to to was drink a cool glass of Iced Tea. I tended my garden a bit. Things are coming along nicely and even though I just planted my Dill (from seeds) things have begun to happen. I can see some sprouts YeaH!!!!!!! The heat may be killing me but its good for my tomato plants.
I did go to my local farmers market this morning and they had an abundance of fresh fruits and veggies. I bought a few things like crisp bib lettuce and mixed greens and the orange and red peppers were just beautiful so I had to get some. I think a nice light salad with a simple vinegarette and salmon on the grill is just what the doctor ordered for my meal this evening. Its easy and very little clean up besides being good for me. What more could a girl ask for.
until tomorrow stay cool!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Two Days Of Auditions

Sorry I have been away from the blog couple of days. Ive been busy on Wednesday I went for an audition for a cooking game show to be hosted by Emeril Lagasse. I think it went well but you can never tell so I am waiting for a call back.
Then on Thursday I posted a video to Oprah Winfrey. She is hosting a contest to give someone their OWN show. I submitted my video for a cooking show geared toward the diabetic diet. Being a diabetic myself I think it my duty to bring awarness to the disease and help out.I can do this through my cooking. Follow this link click browse & vote put in my name Kathryn. click on my video and vote.
The more votes I get the better my chance of becoming a finalist.
thanks until tomorrow

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New Adventures

Hope everyone had a great Memorial day. I am exhausted it was a 3 day whirlwind but fun just the same. I did get my garden planted. I am happy heirloom tomatoes, basil, lettuce and of course my favorite herb dill. I can't wait now its a matter of nurturing and patience. Soon I will begin to see the fruits of my labor.
Did I mention I have a grapetree trellis. It is older than me (pretty old) and while I do not make homemade wine I do harvest the grapes and make pies, jellies and sauces from this wonderful gift from nature. The grapes are starting to turn and my biggest problem is getting to them before the birds do. It takes quite a few grapes to make a pie (they are rather small) so just imagine and I have to get into some pretty funky places to pick them. Always worth the effort though.
Ok I am off to Manhattan tomorrow (I live on Long Island) to audition for a pilot cooking show for Emeril Lagasse. I am taking my best face and personality ,plus some of my better recipes. I'll let you know if I get a call back. Filming starts June 14th. So I should know shortly.
In the meantime eat well and be well.
// 10