Saturday, June 5, 2010

Hot Saturday in New York

It was stifiling here in New York and all I wanted to to was drink a cool glass of Iced Tea. I tended my garden a bit. Things are coming along nicely and even though I just planted my Dill (from seeds) things have begun to happen. I can see some sprouts YeaH!!!!!!! The heat may be killing me but its good for my tomato plants.
I did go to my local farmers market this morning and they had an abundance of fresh fruits and veggies. I bought a few things like crisp bib lettuce and mixed greens and the orange and red peppers were just beautiful so I had to get some. I think a nice light salad with a simple vinegarette and salmon on the grill is just what the doctor ordered for my meal this evening. Its easy and very little clean up besides being good for me. What more could a girl ask for.
until tomorrow stay cool!!!!!!!!!!!!

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