Thursday, March 6, 2014

D.I.Y. Cake Ball, Small Desserts Board

Sometimes when I am designing ,creating a cake the hardest part for me is the cake board. I can agonize over the look of it for hours. I know that first and foremost it is all about the cake but the board can make or break your design. It is the presentation platter if you will and it if it's not correct or unfinished it can take away from the beauty of your cake. It is supposed to compliment even make your cake pop.

So many times I have made my own cake boards. This way I have complete control, plus it is way less expensive than purchasing a finished board. I hate spending a gazillion dollars on something that is going in the trash. I would rather put my money into the cake.

Having said all that I was asked to make some small desserts for a wedding shower and happily agreed. I was going to make my famous Oreo cookie cake balls and pound cake petit fours. Great now how was I going to transport them to the venue with out having them slip and slid all over. No matter what I put them on they would not make the trip and I was not able to box them then set them up once they got to the function. What  to do........ Here is what I came up with and how I did it. I am pretty pleased with my self.

Maybe someone has already done this but I haven't seen it so I am going to take full credit until someone tells me other wise.

Here is what you will need: (most of these items were purchased at the dollar store)

Foam core board
Box cutter
Ruler - pencil
Glue gun and sticks
Lollipop sticks
Mini cupcake liners
Straight Pin
Wilton Color Mist (I do not have an airbrush)

First measure your board to fit however many mini desserts you have made. In my case I had 42 (Yup it's not an even no. I know) so I counted out 6 across by 7 down and leaving a small boarder on each end cut the board to size.

 Next I decorated my board. This is completely up to you. I placed a cut doily on the board and used the Wilton Color Mist to make the decorations. This was really just as a bit of a dress up as you really are not going to see the board until the desserts are all gone.

Next I took the lollipop sticks and measured approx. 1/4 inch and cut them up into little pegs if you will. Then I placed the cupcake liners back onto the board and with a straight pin marked where each peg would go.
On to attaching the pegs. Place a small amount of glue at the end of each cut lollipop stick and attached it to the board wedging it into the board making sure it is secure.
To finish  hot glue a coordinating color ribbon to the edges of the board. Make a small hole into each cupcake liner and place them back onto the pegs.



I finished it off with some flowers and viola a portable cake board ready for my cake balls or petit fours, or whatever small dessert I wanted to make. I can wrap this and not worry that my desserts are going to shift or move they are secure. I can deliver and present my desserts in one shot.

I think this is a little different then just a regular tray or platter and there are no worries; at the end you can just toss the board in the trash. I think its professional yet practical.

Feel free to leave a comment. I would love to know what you think, or if you would give this a try.
I welcome ideas as to how you would make this board work for you.

Until tomorrow eat well live well.



  1. This is great! Do u have a photo with the desserts in them?

  2. Thank you Jennifer. Will post pics this afternoon when desserts are done. Stay tuned

  3. Jennifer C here are the pictures of the completed desserts. Oreo cookie cake balls and pound cake petit fours


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