Sunday, July 12, 2015

Making it work

Todays post is all about making all things possible even when you don't have the right tools.
For me as a cake decorator it is all about the client. Their wants and needs to make the celebration special. It is all about them, and at the end of the day my job is to create the cake as close to their expectations as possible.

When making and decorating the cake I take into consideration all the tools and equipment I might need. I'm not sure about the rest of you bakers but I do not have every single tool and gadget out there. It would be impossible. So this is where I improvise as best I can without sacrificing quality.

For instance I took 2 (Two) orders for a Bridal Shower cupcake cake. Funny how I had never done one of these before and all of a sudden I had two requests in a week. Having seen many on the internet (pinterest) I set out to make mine with just a bit of my own unique spin on them.

I decided the dress should have some extra jewelry beside the bling sash. Now because I do not have an excess of funds nor do I believe in on hit wonders I set out to make my own pearl necklace and brooch with what I had on hand. Oh! and of course they had to be edible.

Taking some old fondant and a favorite pin I proceeded to make my own mold by placing the pin in the fondant and placing it in the freezer for 5 min or so. I then popped the pin out viola my own mold. I then placed some fondant in the mold, placed that in the freezer for 5  more minutes and viola! I had a brooch I could use for my cake. The pictures below will give you the visual.

 The necklace used about 35 fondant balls (depending on the size of your necklace) and measured approx. 12" long before the end decoration. I even made earring to match. See the pictures below for a simple tutorial. I took simple sewing thread and made my necklace. the earring were free form.

so there you have it. Making it work with what you've got and all things are possible.

Until next time eat well. live well

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Happy 2015


Happy New Year everyone! May we all have a blessed healthy happy 2015.

 I know it has been quite a few months since I have even written or thought about my blog; 7 months to be exact. What with the new year and all I thought this would be a good time as any to restart writing, sharing... whatever it is we do on our blogs.

 I have been blessed this past year as far as cake and catering orders. Just enough clients to keep me happy baking and out of trouble. I did a few birthday cakes as well as anniversary, graduation, bridal shower and everything else in between. Soooooooooo instead to make a long story endless I just figured I would post a few of the pictures and leave it at that. One of my new year resolutions was to pay attention to my blog to look here for future posts on anything and everything food.

These are just a few of my favorites look for more from me in 2015.
Until then eat well live well.
// 10