Saturday, June 19, 2010

Its been a heck of a week and I thought I'd get to post some happenings before now but you work with what you got. So what have I been doing. Been busy trying to promote my OWN cooking show votes. so far I have over 13,000 votes not too shabby. The voting closes in two(2) weeks. July 3rd to be exact then we wait and hope for that e-mail phone call that says we are a finalist. It would be FAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
For me it so not so much the stardom as it is this show would help thousands of diabetics all across America. I want to educate and empower each and everyone of my fellow diabetics. No one with disease should feel alone or helpless. I want to show them how to enjoy fabulous tasty meals and not feel cheated in any way. Fat out flavor in. How to enjoy exercise and not make it feel like a chore each day rather something to look forward to. I have great vision for this show and know exactly where I want to take it. For every person I can help I help myself as well.
I am working hard to get to the finish line.
until tomorrow eat well live well

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