Friday, June 11, 2010

Start the Weekend

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Friday. Love it. At 5pm I'm free to do whatever for the next two (2) days. This weekend it's time to tend the garden, things are coming along nicely. If we get a bit more heat my tomatoes will really take off. Can't wait.
Update on the Emeril gig. Didn't get a call back afterall. It's ok but it would have been fun to do. So now when the show airs (in sept) I'll wonder how I would have done had I been chosen.
On the positive side I have over 7,000 votes for my chance at my OWN show sponsored by Oprah and Kohl's. There are only two weeks left to the competition ( I submitted a cooking show geared toward the Diabetic). Being a diabetic myself I feel this show needs to air. It will include cooking, healthly recipes, exercise, tips and info that the diabetic so badly needs. I'll have doctors, health practitioneers and fitness experts on board to answer questions and support me in raising awarness in America for this disease. Please go to my audition and vote; as many times as you like as often as you like. . Ok I'm off to work on some new recipe ideas I have been wanting to test.
Until tomorrow eat well ,live well

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