Monday, June 7, 2010

Cake Balls

These little gems are the latest craze to hit the baking world. Cake Balls. They are so easy to make. The combination of flavors are endless; limited only by your inmagination. Neman Marcus sells them for $75.00 in thier catalog. It uses a box cake mix a can of frosting and for the topping it can be melted chocolate, cinnamon sugar, coco powder... again its up to you. All you do is bake the cake, cool slightly then crumble in a bowl add the can of frosting mix thoroughly. With a mellon baller or a table spoon measure roll into balls. Then coat with your favorite topping. I made this batch tonight in about an hour. Tomorrow they go my office for a taste test. I used devils food cake cream cheese frosting then covered 1/2 in melted chocolate the other 1/2 in cinammon sugar. If you do any kind of baking for a living or just for the fun of it, these are well worth adding to your menu. Enjoy until tomorrow , eat well, live well

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