Sunday, January 2, 2011

Moving Forward

As I ready myself for the coming week of the New Year I am focusing on my goals for 2011 "To Move Forward". It's time to get going , stop walking in place pick and up the pace.

I am blessed to have a good, supportive family and friends but they cannot get me to where I want to be. Only I can achieve my goals. I am the one responsible to make things happen in my life be it a new career, a new home more money.

I am going to focus everyday on makeing small changes. To eat healthier, exercise more be kinder to those around me. One smart choice leads to another. I want to be all I can this coming year. No more excuses , no more wishing it were so. I want to remember to say thank you for all my good fortune and blessings. I need to share my goodness with others and rejoice in that satisfaction.

I look forward to using all my talents for good , to enrich my life as well as those around me. This is my idea of moving forward.

Until tomorrow eat well, live well

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  1. Amen! What a wonderful statement and a beautiful reflection of your heart, sweet Kathryn!

    Looking forward to the journey ahead of us and feeling so blessed for the amazing things God has done over the past year! So grateful to know you!
    Lorraine xo


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