Thursday, July 28, 2011

Finding Inspiration

There are so many cooking contests out there in the culinary world, and I love to enter as many as I can. Hovwever there are times I am just at a loss as to where to begin in creating that winning dish.

I begin by thinking of all the foods I love and there are plenty. I always go with what I know and try to stay true to my cooking roots. Beginning is the hardest part so I try to break it down in sections.

What is the theme of the contest.

Keeping my recipe simple (if there are too many ingredients or steps no one will want to make it)

Make sure my ingreditents are available to a wide audience (I come from New York where you can get anything) but maybe someone in a smaller area doesnt have the selection I do

Using as many fresh ingredients as possible, keeping it healthy and flavorful.

A woman I admire (Paula Todora) and a Friend through a cooking community RWoP gave me some ideas on where to find inspiration and I wanted to share some of them with you.

Use your five senses.
The SMELL of food can conjure up an idea for a recipe

Overripe bananas can lead to a wonderful Banana Muffin, Banana Bread, Banana Pudding

Using a favorite dish or platter can help you create that perfect presentation

Browse the aisles in the grocery store or farmers market to see what looks good today

Take an already favorite recipe and deconstruct it, then put it back together to give it a completly new spin.

My head aches sometimes with all the ideas in my head. I always keep a pad and pen with me to jot down those ideas . Some of my better creations have come from mixing and matching flavors I never thought would go together.

Inspiration can come from everywhere all you have to do is keep your eyes and mind open.

I'm off to the kitchen to get cooking. who knows that next dish I create may just be a winner

Until tomorrow eat well live well

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