Friday, July 29, 2011

For Now

I know this blog is about food and recipes but today I had a personal turing point in my life and I began to ponder a lot of things. What am I doing with my life, am I where I want to be in my personal and professional life. I have always said I am blessed to have a wonderful supportive family but some things you and you alone are responsible for. So I pondered a bit more, asked some questions to myself that maybe I really didnt want the answers to.

So humor me as I talk out loud.

“For Now”

Two words I dislike intensely. To me it means I have given in, lost the fight, and settled for less than what I really wanted.

We all know what happens when we say this is fine “for now”; let me fix it this way “for now”; I’ll stay in this job “for now”. It becomes a holding pattern, a shelving of ideas, dreams.

How long is “for now” anyway? Once we settle in, get comfortable, how long does it take before we forget to change the “for now” into what we really want as “forever”. When is it ok to leave it and just wish it were something more than it is?

I am as guilty as the rest when it comes to “for now”. I have a lot of those in my life. I don’t like it but I am not doing much to change it either. I forget to step out of my comfort zone and just begin to change.

“For now” is a band-aid; a temporary fix, a blanket for things we are not ready to take a closer look at. Like dishes in the sink, those extra 10 pounds – we know it’s there but if we ignore it long enough it will go away, hopefully.

So what if today, right now we stop with the “for now” and make everything “forever” like we wanted it in the first place? Do not sell out –sell short because we believe “some is better than none” another phrase I despise (we can cover that another time). Let’s work toward a goal. Set it and achieve it. Do not stop short be cause others think it silly, and unattainable, because it’s too hard, taking too long. Patience my friend “Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Everything is achievable if you want it bad enough. You have to work at it, for it, earn it with all your passion and strength. They say that 99% of failure could have been avoided if we just pushed on. We were so close to success but missed it because we gave in to “for now” too soon.

As we look around at other success stories with jealousy wishing and thinking if only that were me. Those who succeed, fulfill their dreams are no better or smarter than us. What makes them different from us is the fact that they didn’t settle for “for now”. All they see is the finish line in clear view. No matter how many times they were knocked down, told NO do it this way “for now” they never gave up. Like the energizer bunny they just kept going and going…….. Always keeping their eyes on the prize.

So who’s with me? Let’s make a concerted effort to turn one “for now” into one “forever”. Little by little it will become second nature not to settle for that quick fix, the band aid, and the phrase “for now” will be wiped out of our vocabulary. Once we do that we will come to expect and always get the “forever”.

Until tomorrow eat well, live well

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