Friday, August 12, 2011

Baby's 1st Birthday

Aren't Birthdays fun? I don't care what your age or how much we protest, we all like to celebrate the day that is ours alone.

The most precious to any parent next to the day their child oficially came into this world I think is the childs first birthday.There is always a big celebration. Lots of people, children, jumpy games, pony rides you name it. Every 1st birthday party is filled with whatever the parent thinks might be fun. Most of the time the child doesnt realize what the heck is happening but they know it is something big and it involves them as the star of the show.

The cake is also one of the highlights. That is when we see how much of a mess one little child can make eating a piece of cake. Normally when the baby makes a mess we clean it right away, but somehow the more the mess the more we laugh, ooh and ahh and take pictures. Life is good.

So this is a cake I was commissioned to make for a friend who's child is turning ONE tomorrow.

Hope he enjoys, I had fun making it for him.

Vanilla cake with chocolate fudge inside and out. That ought to be messy enough. The clowns are already smiling in anticipation.

"HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY ANDREW" Bless you and many more. Let's eat cake!

Until tomorrow eat well live well.

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