Monday, February 17, 2014

Facebook 100 "Likes" Giveaway

I recently created a Business page on Facebook "Culinary KReations" in the hopes of attracting more clients. It has been a bit of a slow start and I always hate to beg for anything, but as I watched other business pages reach 1,000 even up to 20,000 "likes for their pages, I did what any other smart businesswoman would or should do. I traded a "Giveaway" for likes.

I attempted to entice everyone and anyone to like, share and repost my Culinary KReations page.
Once I reached my first 100 "likes" I would pick a Lucky Liker to receive a box of sweet treats from
me to show my appreciation.

Well it worked and I am happy to say I am up to 128 likes. Horray!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok here is what the winner received.

Oreo cookie cake pops
Vanilla Cakes with peanut butter and jelly filling, topped with vanilla buttercream
A bag of Red Velvet popcorn.

The winner was delighted with her treats and now hopefully she will spread the word about Culinary KReations and how delicious their sweet concoctions are. Perhaps she will place a future order.

So if you are reading this post please hop on over to my facebook page  and give it a like.

Oh, here is a picture of the sweets the winner received.

Feel free to leave a comment

Until tomorrow eat well, live well

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