Saturday, February 15, 2014

Gabriella's Bridal Shower Cake

Today's post is a bit of a toot my own horn post. I was asked (by my best friend in the whole wide world) to make a wedding shower cake for her daughter (who is like my own).I was both flattered and scared at the same time. I wanted this cake to be special and something that would make her happy.

My girlfriend is the easiest client in the world. I was told I could do what ever I wanted she only requested two things
1.The cake be chocolate.
2. It had to have a shoe on it.

A while back I posted about the shoe cake I created in December for a 70th Birthday Party.
My girlfriend so loved the shoe topper she wanted me to make one for her cake.

Ok we are good to go.

I got the invite for the shower and low and behold there was a pair of black high heeled shoes with a red sole. My wheels began to turn. Since the cake had to be chocolate I could make the shoe out of black chocolate and line the sole in red modeling chocolate. Done! Now onto the cake design.

The Bride to be is a bit traditional loves pearls, lace, ruffles so I needed to incorporate all that into her cake; while still keeping it clean and simple. I had seen so many cakes with draping and have always found it to be  beautiful and elegant so that's what I decided my cake would have on it. Now draping is usually made out of fondant, but since she (the bride to be) is not so fond of fondant I chose to make the draping and flowers out of modeling chocolate. This is my decorating medium of choice, personally I think it tastes better (it's chocolate right!) As for the cake, well of course it was dark chocolate fudge with chocolate ganache filling and frosting.

Time to put it all together. Here is what I came up with.

2-tier dark chocolate fudge cake
Black chocolate ganache filling and frosting.
Red Modeling chocolate flowers, draping embellished with pearls.
All chocolate high heeled shoe.

I was pretty pleased with how it turned out. My girlfriend was thrilled and the bride to be had everything she wanted in a cake.

Here is a picture of The Wedding Shower Cake.

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Until tomorrow eat well live well.

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