Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Topsy Turvey Cake

Ever since the first time I saw the Topsy Turvey  I was intrigued, mystified, confused. How could a cake so lopsided not fall over. When I baked my cakes and they were not so straight I prayed to the cake Gods. But to make a cake as unbalanced as this on purpose? Who does this?

Well I was determined to make one of these cakes and set out to find it's secrets.
That meant (to me anyway) a youtube tutorial. Someone somewhere had to have made this cake and made a video of it.
Well to my delight there were plenty of instructions on how to create a topsy turvey cake. I found that the concept was easy enough. You bake a cake stack it like you normally would then cut into the top on a diagonal, flip it over and viola you have a cake with a slanted top. Now you cut a hole in the top the size of your next layer cake (ie. 10", then 8", 6".....) and you place that next layer directly in the hole or resting place. There the cake is secure as it really is laying flat it only looks like its falling over. (it's all a big illusion.) The more the layers the more it looks topsy turvey.

Ok I was ready. The next cake order I got I was going to convince the client they wanted a topsy turvey cake. I was armed and ready, unafraid, this cake was not the boss of me. I decided on a three layer cake. It just so happen to be a Dr. Seuss cake so the top layer was going to be the Cat in the Hat's hat. (The hat I decided was going to be made out of RKT. (Rice Krispy Treats) This just to insure the weight was no too heavy in case my cake really was going to fall over.

I am pleased to announce that the cake came great (I only had a couple of brain freezes) lost the concept a few times but in the end all went well. The client was happy as was I.

These cakes are not only fun but fun to make.
See if you don't agree

Until tomorrow eat well. Live well.

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