Monday, September 13, 2010

Home Grown Vegetables

Fresh Garden Tomatoes. There is nothing better. Every year if I plant nothing else in my garden its 4 tomato plants and fresh basil. Iam assured of a meal even when there is nothing else in my fridge. All I need do is add a few slices of fresh mozzarella some garlic good olive oil and a peice of crusty bread and viola a meal is born. You can even forego the bread and mozzarella and still have a tasty meal.

Every year I choose a different type of tomato to grow. I've done beefsteak and plum, last year it was grape and cherry. This year I was a bit late getting my plants in the ground and all my favorite garden store had left were 4 heirloom plants. I love heirloom tomatoes so I jumped at the chance to try my hand at growing some.

This summer in NY was espically brutal as far a being hot and humid. We had practically no rain. It took a lot of effort to keep everything hydrated and healthy. I waited and waited for my first glimpse of tomatoes. They were small at first then finally they started to get bigger and bigger. Then it took what seemed like forever for them to ripen. Finally my beauties were ready to be picked and what I got were the most juicy and delicious tomatoes ever. While some heirloom tomatoes are not so pretty to look at I like to think they have character. That is part of their charm. When you slice into them the color is such a deep red orange you would never find in any grocery store. Just by looking at them you know they came freshly picked from the garden.

I am now picking about 4-5 tomatoes a day. Most I eat in a simply dressed salad. I have broiled them with a slice of melted mozarella for an absolutly delish appetizer. I have even parted with some and shared with friends and family.

I highly recommend growing your own tomatoes. The only bad thing is that when the season is over we have to go back to eating store bought tomatoes. It just isnt the same. If you are lucky enough to get more tomatoes than you could eat you can make homemade sauce. Freeze it and you'll be reminded of all your summer work for the rest of the year.

I am proud of my beauties they fed me well this season. Until tomorrow eat well live well

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