Thursday, September 2, 2010

It's been a while

So it's been quite a while since Ive been here. Ive been busy with life. Cant believe summer is over. Time passes faster and faster. Can't seem to keep up.

My garden did ok this season. I have gotten the most beautiful heirloom tomatoes and am enjoying them each day as well as sharing since I have soooooooooo many I cant eat or use them fast enough.

My greatest pleasure is my fig tree. I have consistantly picked over 100 off that tree each day. I have made fig jelly, fig pies, figs in wine red sauce over pan fried pork chops YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I dont even like pork chops. I have found so many inventive ways to incorporate figs into every meal. The possibilties are endless. I have two (2) bags of figs in my freezer.

I am most proud of my pies. my sister who won't touch a fig, eats this pie. When baked, the figs take on a strawberry/raspberry taste. I use figs, lemon juice, lemon and orange zest cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg. Thats it. Baked in a 350 oven in a 9" pie crust for 30 min. Its a delighful dessert if I do say so my self.

There is nothing better than a fig picked right off the tree. I can't even look at the figs in the supermarkets. I tasted one and just kept looking for the flavor. Maybe I'm biased but the store figs dont hold a candle to mine.

OK tomorrow we'll talk about the grapevine in my backyard and what I do with the grapes (I wish I new how to make wine). Alas I never learned the technique.

Until tomorrow eat well & live well

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