Saturday, September 4, 2010

Home Made Jams

Yesterday I wrote all about making home made jams. Well today I wanted to show you the finished products. Here are the fig & grape jams I am sharing with my friends and family.

With about 60 or so figs I got approx 3 cups of jam. From a large mixing bowl of grapes boiled down and strained I got approx 2 cups of jam.

In making each I tried to keep them as pure as possible, using only the fruit, cinnamon, orange and lemon zest and a bit of pectin to tighten the sauces up to make a spreadable jam.

I think we have a winner and a gift I am proud to present. These gifts cost me nothing but my time and I think it was time well spent.

You can produce any any type of jam you like with any fruit you like. It is not only cost effective but healthy as well becaue you have complete control over the ingredients.

A neighbor has a black raspberry tree. I bet if I give him some jam he'll let me pick some of those black raspberries (as long as I promise another jam in his future).

Now I'm off to make a mixed fruit pie. YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Until tomorrow eat well live well

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