Friday, September 3, 2010

Last weekend of Summer

Well the summer is officially coming to an end this weekend. The beaches will close and on Tuesday the children will all be back to school here in NY. I for one am both happy and sad.

Happy that soon the cooler weather will be upon us. I have had enough! of being hot. It was a brutal sumer here on the east coast. I never remember sweating so much.

Sad becaue over half the year is gone already and soon the talk will turn to the holidays. Boy I am so not ready for that.

In the meantime my garden is still flourishing and I have plenty of tomatoes & basil. I have been living on Capresse salad. The tomaotes are just so perfectly flavorful.

Now I promised to tell you about the grapevine in my backyard. It has been there since I can't tell you when, and it is just beautiful to look at . Nature just does it's thing. Every year it gets better & better. The grapes are usually very tart to eat just picked, but this year they have a sweetness that is just lovely. Ok now I just had to go and pick them so I could make some jelly. It takes a lot of grapes since they are so small but really worth the effort.

Picked a whole bowl full, wahed them and proceeded to put them in a pot with a little water , lemon juice & lemon zest, cinnamon and 2 tbsp of powdered sugar. I boiled them until they burst and proceeded to cook them down for approx 10 min. I then strained all the skins & seeds and wound up witht the most beautiful grape sauce. I put the juice back in the pot added an envelope of pectin (bought in the local grocery store) and proceeded to cook for about 8-10 min more in order to thicken it producing the most perfect jelly. It's been a treat to have on my morning toast. I have put it in mason jars and given it away. Such a joy to share.

I just love taking something homegrown turn it into a delectible delight and then share it. For me there is no better sense of accomplishment. OK hope I inspired you to create something.

Until tomorrow eat well live well.

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