Saturday, September 25, 2010

Happy Birthday MOM

Its family time again . On this day we are celebrating my mothers 79th birthday. She is a wonderful woman, friend, and my play partner. My dad passed 17 years ago and since then she has become an independant, smart, strong lady. Dont forget she is a woman of the old days where the woman was just an extension of her husband.

She has just retired from her job of 40 years as a secretary at the elemntary school I attended and her grand children attended. She was the rock at that school everyone loved and still loves her. She prepares the lttle ones to receive first communion and every year bakes bread with them to celebrate the ocassion with them.

In recent times she has gotten a bit slower and cant do as much as she used to and I worry about her. She still lives in the house I was born and functions quite well on her own. We all try to make her life as easy as possible without taking away too much of her independence. She is the most stubborn woman I know (guess thats where I get it from) and she makes me crazy at times but I know she is just fighting to not become a burden to anyone.

Ok so we all got together at a lovely restaurant overlooking a golf course and the sound. It was a beautiful day. We laughed talked and just enjoyed each other. I love my family and know how blessed I am. I am a single woman with no children so I appreciate all my brother and sisters neices nephews and inlaws (who are not really inlaws as they have been a part of me for so long. )

I know she had a great time and that is all that really matters.

Here's to you Mom may you see another 79 years.

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  1. This is such a lovely cake. Happy Birthday to your mom and wish her good health and happiness. I'm sure she's blessed as she has a caring and loving daughter and family.


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